Car and Van Tyre Puncture Repairs

All* of our puncture repairs conform to the BS AU 159G:2013 standard. This is a specific repair process to ensure the safety of the passenger vehicle. Tyres repaired to BS AU 159 are able to operate at their original speed and load capabilities. The repair includes using a combination plug patch to complete the repair. These are not the dangerous £10 repairs that some other garages are offering.

The following are repairs that are routinely carried out that are not recognised as acceptable by the British Standards Institution:

Liquid sealants.

Plugs applied externally to fitted tyres. (Repair string)

Inner tubes fitted to tubeless tyres.

Inner tubes fitted to ‘tube type’ tyres which have

sustained penetrations and which have not been

repaired in accordance with BS AU 159.

Temporary repairs.

Repairs can only be carried out in an area of 60-70% of the nominal width of the tyre. (The flat bit in the middle in simple terms.) Any damage to the side walls or shoulders of the tyre can not, and should not, be repaired.


We are offering this high specification tyre repair for as little as £20 including a new valve, core only for TPMS, and wheel balance. Please contact us for more information.

*The British Standard does not apply to T-type temporary use spare tyres.